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Alpha Sigma Tau

Upsilon Chapter


Alpha Sigma Tau is about people. It's about the sisters that are connected as friends for generations. It's about the women who work together to support each other and create meaningful relationships that add value to our lives.

Alpha Sigma Tau is about sharing things important to us. It's about sharing our sisterhood with others. It's about being proud of what we believe in as sisters.

Alpha Sigma Tau is about commitment. It's about pledging our efforts to our communities to make them better places and our energies to our futures. It's about committing ourselves to each other and the ideals of Alpha Sigma Tau. Facing life's challenges and working together as sisters, we learn to develop, in each other, strengths and positive values. We share with each other cultural advantages, and use new and emerging technologies to keep our members educated and poised for success.

Fostering lasting friendships, a key means of support among collegiate women, has been the goal of Alpha Sigma Tau from its founding. But we enjoy a deeper sense of friendship through our common bonds of sisterhood. Alpha Sigma Tau is friendship for a lifetime. Learn more about us, and share our everlasting sisterhood!


Alpha Sigma Tau Upsilon Chapter began in 1935 here at the University of Central Arkansas, then known as the Arkansas State Teachers College.

Upsilon Chapter